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November 6, 2018

South West Peninsula(Columbus, 100%) Exploration and Future Development

Columbus has a significant acreage position in the South West Peninsula (SWP) of Trinidad which contains a mix of exploration and production opportunities. Through a fully-funded 2019 work programme, alongside undertaking further analysis of good quality 3D seismic and other data, the Company plans to drill the first exploration well, subject to satisfactory technical analysis, during the second half of 2019.

On-trend structures offshore have yielded major oil fields, in excess of 200 million barrels, and it is Columbus’ view that similar structures may lie onshore beneath the SWP, presenting significant exploration opportunity in the area for Columbus. Any successful discovery/appraisal can be brought onto early production at a low cost due to the presence of existing Company operated oil production and sales capabilities and other locally available hydrocarbon infrastructure.

Company interpretations includes mapped at least twelve prospects of 20-400 million barrels in place for each prospect and due to the fact wells can be drilled onshore, the costs per well will be significantly lower than equivalent depth wells offshore. It is anticipated that between 2-3 wells, targeting the shallower prospects, may be drilled on the licences initially at costs of around US$2-4 million per well, including wells targeting multiple stacked prospects, with the first well potentially being drilled, subject to satisfactory technical analysis, in the first half of 2019.