December 31, 2019
Number / % of Shares
Issued Shares848,260,742
Shares not in Public Hands201,556,689
% Shares not in Public Hands23.76%
Deferred Shares418,379,981
Share Options182,019,112
Total Fully Diluted Shares1,032,739,854

1. In March 2017, the Company's existing Ordinary Shares were subdivided into one new Ordinary Share of 0.05p and one Deferred Share of 0.95p. The Deferred Shares do not carry any rights. See the Company's Articles of Association as amended in March 2017, for further details.
2. The Company has no Treasury Shares in issue.
3. The total Fully Diluted Shares are calculated as Issued Shares plus Share Options and Warrants.
4. On 6 December 2018, the Company was notified by Michael Joseph that he held voting rights equal to 9.01% of the total voting rights of the Company.
5. The Directors of the Company hold 2,688,366 Ordinary Shares in the Company (Leo Koot holding 700,000 Ordinary Shares, Gordon Stein 515,449 Ordinary Shares and Michael Douglas holding 1,472,917 Ordinary Shares). Executive Management hold a further 8,198,383 Ordinary Shares in the Company. The Director and Executive Management together hold Ordinary Shares equalling 1.30% of the issued share capital.

Significant Shareholder% of Issued Capital
Chase Nominees Limited 12.47%
Securities Services Nominees10.01%
Barclays Direct Investing Nominees Limited 7.48%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited 6.89%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited 6.60%
Lynchwood Nominees Limited5.90%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited 4.40%
HSDL Nominees Limited 3.66%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited 3.56%
HSDL Nominees Limited 3.24 %
Total Significant Holders64.19%