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Could you please provide an explanation of how Excess Shares were distributed and the total quantities involved (i.e. Open Offer Shares taken-up and the total Excess Shares available)?
Overview of Open Offer:
The purpose of the Open Offer was to provide Shareholders with an opportunity to limit their dilution following the Company's Placing to a new institutional investor, Schroders.
The Open Offer provided a Basic Entitlement, where shareholders had a guaranteed entitlement to take-up 1 Open Offer Share for every 31 Ordinary Shares they held on the Record Date, for an aggregate of 20,129,349 Shares.
If a Shareholder took-up their Basic Entitlement in full, they could then apply for Excess Shares (i.e. any Basic Entitlement Shares not taken-up by other Shareholders).
This standard approach to Open Offers provided Shareholders with Basic Entitlements that were guaranteed, with the ability to apply for Excess Applications that were subject to availability.
The execution of the Open Offer was managed by both the Company’s Financial Adviser and Broker, VSA Capital Limited, and Share Registrar, Share Registrars Limited.

Open Offer Result and Scaling Back:
The Basic Entitlement take-up from Shareholders under the Open Offer was very high at c.88%. All participating Shareholders received their Basic Entitlement in full.
This meant that only c.12% of Open Offer Shares remained available to Shareholders under the Excess Application Facility.
As applications under the Excess Application Facility totalled c.19.1x the Excess Shares available, there was a requirement for scaling back.
Excess Applications were scaled back pro rata to the number of Excess Shares applied for by Shareholders.
These applications for Excess Shares were scaled back equally and Shareholders received c.5.25% of their excess application.

Return of Funds:
The market-standard approach was taken, in that monies were returned as soon as reasonably practicable, without payment of interest.
Following scaling back of applications for Excess Shares, surplus CREST payments for uncertificated holdings and cheques for certificated holdings were returned and mailed, respectively, to Shareholders on 9 November, with Share Registrars having allowed reasonable time for the funds to be cleared.
These surplus funds for applications which had been scaled back were held by Share Registrars at all times and not by the Company.

A routine timeline was followed for the Open Offer process.
There was a one week period between announcement of the Open Offer and posting of the Open Offer Circular, which was necessitated by the production of the circular.
The Open Offer remained open to acceptances from Shareholders for 16 business days (including the first day entitlements were credited and last date for acceptances).
This is provided Shareholders with more than the minimum legal requirement of 14 days, set out in the Companies Act 2006.

Note: All capitalised terms in this announcement have the same meanings as those given to them in the Circular, unless the context otherwise requires.
I have LGO Energy plc share certificate – is it still valid?
Yes, all existing certificates under the name LGO Energy remain valid.

When will you provide a production update?
In line with best practice, the company publishes production updates quarterly via RNS. The company will therefore update the market by the end of this calendar year as previously announced.
It is highly unusual for companies to provide production updates more regularly.
Please can you fully explain the potential for natural gas finds on your existing onshore acreage (and any current gas production on your acreage).
Columbus has a strong preference for focussing on oil. The geology south of the southern anticline which skirts the south of the South West Peninsula license areas has proved more gas prone. The Company is focussing on Prospectivity deeper to existing proven oil accumulations.
Are you likely to buy further gas acreage onshore Trinidad?
The Company is not targeting gas acreage in onshore Trinidad.
Does Icacos extend to shallow offshore?
The Icacos Private Petroleum License area is based on private mineral rights leases that apply to the land acreage only.